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Ajvar Mild-Vegetable Spread (Made by Podravka)

Ajvar Mild-Vegetable Spread (Made by Podravka)

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Ajvar is gourmet vegetable side dish, dip, or bread spread prepared by carefully selected peppers and eggplants. You could use it with grilled meat as a condiment, as a spread on toasted bread by itself, or with sour cream or Philadelphia cream cheese.  This one has mild taste. We also have hot version available in the same size.


Seller's Preparation Tips

Spread some Ajvar on toasted baguette slices and serve as an appetizer or just spread it on fresh bread and have a snack. You could also spread some Philadelphia cream cheese and the Ajvar over it and enjoy it that way. 

Works great with a steak or burger as a condiment. Or if you are vegetarian, you could use it as a spread or add it to your favorite vegetarian dishes and veggie burgers.

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