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Palenta-Corn Grits (Made by Franck)

Palenta-Corn Grits (Made by Franck)

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Palenta is your solution to quick and delicious meal. It cooks in 2-3 minutes! It could be prepared with milk as a light meal or as a side dish with sauteed onions, peppers and tomatoes, or as a dish with butter, sour cream and cottage cheese on the top. So many possibilities. It only takes 2-3 min to cook in water and then you could add whatever you think works the best for your palate. Enjoy!

Seller's Preparation Tips:

Cooked palenta + warm milk + salt. Quick snack or meal! Different than bowl of cereal or oatmeal. Just for a change! 

Cooked palenta + salt + spoon of butter + sour cream. You could spread polenta on a plate and top it with butter that is going to melt and spread sour cram all over it. It works as a meal when you are not in a mood for anything heavy. Works as a breakfast also. But it's all up to you!

Cooked palenta + salt + sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes. Great side dish! Pour sautéed veggies over the polenta and enjoy! You could get your proteins from any grilled meat or steak and get other delicious nutrients from the polenta and vegetables. No bread needed!

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