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Vegeta-All Purpose Seasoning Bag (Made by Podravka)

Vegeta-All Purpose Seasoning Bag (Made by Podravka)

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Vegeta is combination of healthy dried vegetables and spices that gives full and rich flavor to dishes. All purpose food seasoning for salty dishes. It is one the best European food seasoning. More than 50 years of existence in kitchens of 50 countries worldwide. It could be used on different meats, stews, vegetables, potatoes, soups. Goes especially well with chicken. Anywhere that you use salt, you can replace half of the salt with Vegeta. It will give your dish more well rounded and flavorful taste then just salt. You could just add it in the water and add some noodles and veggies and have delicious soup. Use it as a seasoning for baked potatoes or mixed with salt for French fries seasoning. Endless possibilities! Enjoy!

Seller's Preparation Tips:

Sprinkle on any type of meat or veggies as a spice for more flavor.

Use it in any type of stew or soup for more flavor without adding more salt and getting that sourish taste. 

Mix salt and vegeta and use it to flavor your French fries that are store bought, frozen, or just fresh cut potatoes at home. Whatever you are in a mood for! Great on baked potatoes that are sliced in fourths. 

Great addition to chicken noodle soup or ramen.

Great for flavor cooked rice and have a great side dish without any extra additions! Less work if you don't feel like cooking. 

Water + salt + pepper + butter + vegeta as needed + broccoli + carrots + peas + parsley + any noodles you have at home. Great soup for everyday day. You could also add meat or cook a bone with meat on it before you add anything else and get a load of electrolyte in your dish. Throw the bone away after if you don't like the look of it in your cooking pot. You could use the t-bone from your steak for the soup and grill the rest of the steak. Usually takes at least 20 min to cook the bone, so if you short on time maybe just veggies. Your choice always!



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